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It is important, that you comply with the after treatment instructions. The healing process varies from person to person. Therefore you should be cautious following your friend's advise. their healing might be completely different from yours. Are you in doubt about the slightest detail, than please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to give you the best advise available.

According to which piercing you have received, there are different considerations that you need to show for your piercing, and different procedures which you should use, to let your piercing heal in the best way, as well as to ensure rapid healing.

In most piercings a piece of jewellery is applied, which will allow the area to swell.
When the swelling has subsided, a smaller piece of jewellery is applied.
It is not necessary to make an appointment for a change of jewellery, look at the backside of your jewellery-exchange-slip.

In all cases it is good advise, that if you use salted water ( as you should ) you should try to get hold of salt, without iodine-addition, as the iodine may cause the area to 'dry out' in a non-advisable way.
However, if you cannot find e.g. sea-salt, please DO use saline solution anyhow. You will get far greater troubles from not doing this, than from using salt with iodine addition!

Click your piercing, in order to see the procedures applicable to your piercing.

Skin piercing  Navel
Cartilage Piercing  Septum
Lip / cheek-piercing  Iwacha
Tongue piercing
Male genital / intimate piercing  Pubic
Female genital / intimate piercing  Christina

If you are in doubt, or have any kind of questiones, please e-mail us.