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Not all materials are relevant for piercing jewelry.
During the first period of time, after having a piercing made, your piercing is to be considered a wound.
This is part of the reason, that you should not expose your piercing-wound to jewelry, which might delay the healing, and cause e.g. allergic reactions.

At gorlubb we almost exclusively use surgical steel ( which is also called aansi316L, for the technically minded ) for new piercings. The exception is the option of using titanium or niobium, as this is also recommended by the Danish & EU health authorities.
You are under no circumstances recommended to use either gold (below 24 carats), silver (despite 995 or 999); or even worse Nickel jewelry in a piercing.
Nickel jewelry may cause a nickel allergy, which you'll never get free of again. Gold and silver is most often mixed with other materials/metals, to ensure low prices as well as a beautiful surface - but alas, the metal is in most cases partially nickel!

When your piercing is completely healed, you might use jewelry of less validity, e.g. as charms, but we strongly recommend, that you only use jewelry made especially for piercing purpose!
We have a wide selection of jewelry, which we guarantee to be piercing-safe. The range covers 'everyday' jewelry, as well as 'party' jewelry.

Some of the possibilities are:
  • Different 'ball-covers' in soft plastic.
  • Different balls, in e.g. steel, Titanium, Niobium, hard plastic and other materials.
  • We have a wide selection of retainers, to 'hide' your piercing, in PTFE as well as plastics; in case that your employer dislikes piercings...
  • UV-reflecting screw on's.
  • Spikes.

All our plastics are of course free from phthalates!

If you are in doubt, or have any kind of questiones, please e-mail us.